4 Tips To Enjoy Your First Coin Show

You’ve searched your change jar, scoured for coins with a metal detector, and researched valuable coins within your budget. But somehow, your initial coin-collecting journey just hasn’t garnered momentum. You’re stuck with the same coins and don’t know how to proceed.

The answer is to take your interests (and coins) to a coin show. Going to one can seem a bit overwhelming if you’ve never been before. So, here are some tips to enjoy your first coin show and get the most out of your visit.

1. Ask Questions

Furthering your numismatic education is top of mind when you’re at a coin show, so immerse yourself in the knowledge of others by asking questions. Unless a dealer is busy, they’re almost always happy and eager to answer questions from an aspiring coin collector.

Some of the questions you might ask include:

  • What are your most popular items?
  • What type of coin-collecting is your specialty?
  • How did you get started in the business?
  • What’s something every coin collector should own?
  • How do I start my collection?

Asking similar questions to several dealers can provide interesting insight and relevant tidbits that can jump-start your coin collection.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Since you’re unlikely to attend a coin show each week or month, gather some intel on coin shops in your area. Most local dealers do business with coin shops and can tell you which have excellent prices, top-notch collections, or knowledgeable owners/employees.

3. Start Small

You don’t have to go to the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Coin Show — the biggest in the U.S. — on your first jaunt into the show circuit. Many large-scale shows can feel overwhelming for first-timers, and many dealers are there to conduct business — not teach a newbie the ins and outs of coin-collecting.

Instead of going to a large show, start small. Local shows and flea markets will let you wet your feet in coin-collecting, allowing you to learn more about the hobby.

4. Use the Proper Etiquette

The ANA outlines proper etiquette during a coin show. To stay on the good side of dealers and other attendees, follow these etiquette tips:

  • Never interrupt a dealer or a customer.
  • Don’t return coins just because you found a better deal.
  • Respect fair values of coins and don’t attempt to low-ball dealers.
  • Learn more about coins before you buy; don’t have buyer’s remorse.
  • Allow other customers to access the table.

Increase Your Knowledge After the Show

Like any other hobby, your knowledge doesn’t end when you leave a trade show. You build upon what you learned to become an even more knowledgeable numismatist.

While the online coin-collecting community offers some insight into the next steps to take, nothing beats a first-hand account of how to improve your coin-collecting prowess. That’s why you should visit London Coin of Newport Beach, your Orange County coin dealer.

These coin-collecting experts have decades of knowledge and are ready to bestow the art on you. Ask the right questions, keep in contact, and ultimately buy and trade at one of these shops to become a talented, knowledgeable collector in your own right.