Swedish Plate Money

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Nicobar Wreck.

Shipwrecked off the Quion Point, False Bay South Africa in 1783 on July 11th, the Nicobar was discovered in 1987 by 2 divers off the coast of South Africa. The Nicobar produced the largest find of 3000 examples of plate money.

Swedish plate money or Platmynt was minted between 1644 and 1809. Sweden produced 2/3 rds of Europe’s copper but had little precious metal. In 1624, they started producing copper coins to match the denomination of the silver coins. In 1644 the first plate coins were minted, a huge 10 Daler weighing 44 lbs. This and the scarce 8 Daler were too awkward in the 1750’s the mint began producing denominations ranging from 1/2 to 4 Daler.

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