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Difficult Economic Times Increase Buying and Selling of Precious Metals

During economic recessions, people have historically traded silver, gold, and other precious metals when they needed money. History has a way of repeating itself. During the job market collapse and economic dip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the globe are turning to the precious metals market yet again. In difficult times, you might […]

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Best Way to Cash in Gold Coins, Bars, or Scrap

Even as some state and local governments reopen businesses and attempt to return to a sense of normality, many Americans are still reeling from the effects of COVID-19. In the past week, unemployment claims have soared above 30 million and some estimates show that an unemployment rate of 16% will remain constant through the coming […]

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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals and Bullion

Diversify Your Portfolio by investing in precious metals and bullion with us as your trusted Orange County precious metals and coin dealer.  Contact us with any questions you have. Stocks are volatile and somewhat unpredictable investments. Global events, speculation, mergers, and other events can dictate their value, while also shaping the way that others invest […]

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Gold vs. Silver: What’s a Better Investment and Why?

Precious metals such as silver and gold have always been a simple and lucrative way of enhancing and diversifying your investment portfolio. The key to their benefits as an investment lies in their stability over time compared to currency, stocks, and mutual funds. However, choosing whether to invest in gold or silver isn’t an easy […]

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What’s a Better Investment: Bullion or Numismatic Coins?

With the volatility of stock markets and currency fluctuations, safe investments aren’t always easy to find. However, many investors are choosing bullion or numismatic coins to increase their savings and boost their overall wealth. While every investor has different needs and plans, these two investments provide a number of advantages. The only question is which […]

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Should I Invest in Precious Metals?

At our Orange County coin and precious metals gallery, we always get asked, “Should I invest in silver, gold, coins, and other precious metals?”  Here are a few things you should know. About Investing in Precious Metals Investment is a personal decision that must be made considering risk, current market, and other factors.  All investments […]

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How do I sell my gold jewelry in Orange County?

To make sure you get the most money for your scrap gold, sell it to London Coin of Newport Beach in Orange County. 30 years of experience in buying old gold jewelry. Always top-dollar payouts for your gold. Fast and easy process at our secure location. No obligation appraisals. Call London Coin Galleries of Orange […]

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Reputable gold buyers in Orange County

With over 30 years of experience in buying old gold jewelry, London Coin Galleries of Newport in Orange County is able to offer you top dollar for any of your scrap gold jewelry.  We provide a a no obligation, free evaluation of your scrap gold. Our office is conveniently located close to the John Wayne […]

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Should I send my gold to one of those mail-in companies?

You’ve seen them on TV, on the Internet and in your Mail Box. These gold buyers want you to mail in your scrap gold and they will cut you a check. “It’s that easy!”.  We would like to point out a few things before you decide to go that route. Aside from the fact that […]

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What is my scrap gold worth in Newport Beach

Putting a value on your scrap gold should be left in the hands of professionals.  With over 30 years of experience in buying old gold jewelry, London Coin Galleries of Newport is able to offer you top dollar for your scrap gold jewelry.  We provide a free evaluation of your scrap with a no obligation […]

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