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Tooth Fairy Coins

Sinister as some of the folklore surrounding the tooth fairy may be, these beliefs have provided us with one of our earliest glimpses of the figure who eventually emerged from the shadows over the centuries to become the Tooth Fairy. Our Tooth Fairy bears little resemblance to her dark origins. Today, she is small and […]

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Eagle Scouts Coins

“Once an Eagle always an Eagle!” Has someone you know proudly earned the rank of Eagle Scout? Reward them with the American Eagle Silver Coin. Struck to Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated condition, these coins have been produced every year since 1986 and make a great gift in a blue velvet presentation box.

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US Mint product

Great gifts for special occasions celebrating/commemorating a birth/day, Mint / proof sets are always available for purchase. We stock sets in Clad or Silver Proof for the current year, with access to acquire previous years through our London Coin Wholesale division. If there are modern commemorative coins that are no longer available thru the US […]

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