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If it’s made of precious metal and not being used or worn bring it in for a free, no obligation evaluation. Broken or out of fashion jewelry, gold dental work, sterling silver flatware and tableware all have value. Rather than have this value tied up and not working for you, exchange it for cash! We offer this free service by appointment only.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Orange County’s favorite gold and silver buyer

The process is simple. While in your presence, we remove all non-gold/silver from the mix, and sort by purity. If testing is required it is done on the spot. Once sorted, we weigh each group and pay according to the current market. Gold and silver markets fluctuate daily. Our prices fluctuate with the market. Should you choose to sell, you will be paid immediately.
We do NOT pay for gemstones and we do not remove them for you. If you are interested in retaining the gemstone, we suggest you see a jeweler. Ask if there is a fee involved prior to having the work done. It is possible you could pay more to have stones removed than they are worth!
Licensed and bonded, confidential and reputable; we encourage you to shop around. While this task sounds daunting it is well worth your time and effort. The difference could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your pocket.
We pride ourselves on a reputation in our community of fair and honest dealing. Our goal is to pay top dollar while providing courteous and proficient service.

We are eager to help you whether you have scrap precious metal, coins, entire collections, bars, or bullion. Contact us to schedule a private appointment today.
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