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Every year, the U.S. Mint delights coin collectors and numismatists by releasing a series of uncirculated, limited edition, commemorative, or soon-to-be circulated coins. Congress authorized no commemorative coins in 2023, adding to the excitement of the 2024 unveiling. Whether adding to your collection or just starting, here are some exciting U.S. coins coming out in 2024.

1. American Women Quarters

Though these quarters will enter circulation in 2024, you can buy your own uncirculated set before they hit the streets. These five coins are the first in a four-year program honoring American women who’ve made significant contributions to culture, science, medicine, or politics. This year’s women include:

2. First Amendment Platinum Proof

As part of a five-year series, the U.S. Mint will release the First Amendment Platinum Proof on February 8, 2024. Minted from 1 ounce of 99.95% pure platinum, this coin — valued at $100 — commemorates the right of assembly assured by the First Amendment. The first in a series of five, this highly collectible coin features oak leaves on the reverse side of the coin — a nod to the country’s growth as a freedom-loving nation.

3. American Innovation $1 Illinois Coins

Started in 2018 and planned to continue through 2032, American Innovation $1 coins are another exciting U.S. coin planned for release in 2024. This year’s first coin commemorates one of Illinois’ world-changing inventions — the steel plow. Whether you’re a native Illinoisian or just trying to collect them all, mark your calendar for January 25 to get your hands on an uncirculated version of this $1 coin.

4. Greatest Generation Commemorative $5 Coin

If you want to add a rare coin to your collection that reflects upon the contributions of the Greatest Generation, don’t miss out on this $5 coin. Limited to a production run of just 50,000, this coin features the World War II memorial on the obverse side and a folded flag on the reverse. Intended to honor the fallen of one of history’s bloodiest battles, this coin is as much a collector’s item as a memorial in its own right.

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