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As a colony, then a nation, the demand for coins in the United States has often exceeded the supply. From the early colonial issues and first coins struck by the Philadelphia mint, to the private and territorial gold issues of the Western states, California fractional gold, Confederate issues, and Civil War Tokens, Hawaii and Puerto Rican coinage, Philippines under US sovereignty, classic and modern commemoratives and the vast array of coins struck for circulation US coins throughout its history tell a story.

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Due to our longevity in the industry, we get fresh inventory on a daily basis.  If you’re looking for an experienced coin dealer in Orange County that understands numismatic value of coins minted in the United States, contact us for an appointment and enjoy the wide selection we have to offer.

Inherited U.S Coins Collections

United State Coins vary in prices based on the type of coin they are.  Material, condition, and many other factors are considered when assigning value. We have helped many estates with a few coins or an entire collection of United States Coins. London Coin Galleries has been serving the community for over 30 years.  We bring coin buyers, collectors, and sellers together.

How much are my u.s coins worth?

Due to security and our high quality service standards, we operate by appointment only in order to provide you with the ample time you need when you meet with us.If interested in purchasing, selling, trading, or learning more about U.S. coin and collections.  We look forward to helping you, please schedule an appointment today