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In 2005, President George W. Bush signed the Presidential $1 Coin Act. By 2007, the first dollar coins rolled out of the U.S. Mint, ushering in a new era of circulated and collectible $1 coins.

But like any series of coins, some are rarer and more coveted than others. To ring in President’s Day and add value to your collection, scope out a few rare and valuable coins from this collection.

1. 2007 Washington $1 Missing Edge Lettering Coin

Valued between $1,000 and $4,250, some of the first George Washington $1 coins from 2007 had edge lettering omitted. The coin’s edge was supposed to read “In God We Trust” along with the date, but these coins famously have neither. Also known as the “Godless Dollar” due to the lack of the country’s motto, you can greatly enhance your collection’s value with one of these $1 coins.

2. 2010 FDI Lincoln $1 Coin

Whenever the U.S. Mint releases a new coin, the First Day of Issue — or FDI — causes collectors to salivate. Many of these coins never reach circulation; instead, they’re held by the mint for sale to collectors.

One of the most valuable of these — at least in the $1 presidential coin run — is the 2010 FDI of Abraham Lincoln. The Denver edition of these coins has an average price of $525, making it the obvious choice for collectors who love high-value coins and Honest Abe himself.

3. 2007 John Adams Double Lettering $1 Coin

Perhaps the fear of omitting the edge lettering stirred action at the Mint. In 2007, the John Adams $1 coin — made directly after the Washington $1 coin — had double lettering. This causes the phrase to appear blurry, which can increase the coin’s value up to $500.

4. 2012 to 2016 Presidential $1 Coins

Due to low demand and a surplus of unused $1 coins, the U.S. Mint decided to remove the coins from circulation. As a result, coins minted from 2012 to 2016 were for collectors only. That is to say, you could only get your hands on them if you ordered them directly from the U.S. Mint.

During this five-year run, the Mint featured every president from Washington to Obama, each well-struck and uncirculated. These coins — provided they’re free from errors — can fetch anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars, largely depending on the number struck and the president’s popularity.

If you see a $1 coin between these dates, consider it a worthy investment in your coin collection.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck (or $1 Coin)

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