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Coins can get downright dirty. After all, they live their lives in pockets or on the pavement for decades at a time. It’s only natural that they may become discolored and tarnished over time.

However, cleaning collectible coins is a different story. Many cleaners and methods you would use on run-of-the-mill coins can easily damage a collectible coin, lowering its value or even rendering it worthless. Before hopping into spring cleaning mode, learn how to clean your coin collection correctly.

1. Use Mild Soap and Warm Water

In general, you’re not supposed to clean coins. Discoloration from aging is one of the important value factors in coin collecting. So just because a coin is discolored doesn’t mean you should clean it. When in doubt, ask other collectors or get the opinion of someone at a coin shop.

If you get the green light for cleaning the coin, never use abrasive cleaners. Instead, use a mild soap like a dish detergent and warm water. This will loosen grime without damaging or scratching the coin itself. Use only your fingers to loosen the dirt, as brushes and heavier towels can scratch the coin and instantly devalue it


2. Dry With a Microfiber Towel

Once you’ve cleaned the coin to your liking, dry it with a microfiber towel. The plush surface of a microfiber towel is much more forgiving than other materials. This ensures that the coin dries without damaging its surface.

3. Store in a Cool, Dry Area

Once the coin is clean and dried, keep it in a cool, dry area. Coins can change color for the worse if exposed to sharp changes in humidity and temperature, so avoiding these situations is the best plan to keep your coins in tip-top condition.

How To Clean Non-Collectible Coins

Not every coin you find is going to make you wealthy. But cleaning regular coins to keep them free of grime and germs is also important — especially with coins you find on the ground or as change.

To clean non-collectible coins, follow these steps:

Get the Best Value for Your Coins

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