Rare Coin Buyer

London Coin Galleries is an Orange County rare coin buyer in Newport Beach CA.  We pay top dollar for circulated coins, estate coins, un-circulated coins, coin proofs, gold coins, world coins, and more.  As a Newport Beach Coin dealer, we are a liaison between sellers and avid collectors or investors.

Rare Coin Buyer Experience Matters!

For over 30 years, London Coin Galleries has sold and purchased millions of dollars worth of coins to avid collectors and investors world wide.

If you have a coin collection and you’re looking for a rare coin buyer in Orange County, schedule an appointment so we can spend ample time evaluating the coins you have to sell and make you an offer.

Inherited Estate Coins

Trustees, and probate attorneys rely on our experience to evaluate, value, purchase, and appraise inherited old coins due to our longevity, reputation, and fair dealings.

Antique Coins

All you have to do is visit our coin gallery in Newport Beach CA and see the wide selection of rare coins we deal with on a daily basis.  Coins hold value beyond their material.  Age, condition, and many other factors are taken into consideration.

When choosing a dealer to sell your rare coins to , choose wisely in order to receive proper numismatic value.  Selling to someone that doesn’t understand true value of rare and antique coins can be costly.

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    What is Numismatic Value of Coins?

    In today’s market, numismatic value is the fair market value you expect to receive when you sell your circulated, un-circulated or proof coins.

    Our experience as an Orange County coin buyers goes beyond numismatic value.  We have a diverse inventory of eclectic finds such as fossils, currency and so much more.

    If you’re looking to sell circulated coins, un-circulated coins, coin proofs, entire collections, gold coins, silver coins or rare coins, we are your rare coin buyer of choice and look forward to helping you.

    Estate coin buyer and rare coin buyer in Newport Beach CA

    Are you a rare coin buyer?

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