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Can I Sell My Gold Teeth to London Coin Galleries of Newport Beach? Yes you can!

At London Coin Galleries of Newport Beach in Orange County, CA, we have been buying scrap gold for over 30 years.

We frequently get the question, “Do you buy scrap dental work?”  The answer is: Yes!  However, we do ask our customers to respect proper hygiene and properly disinfect, clean, and sanitize dental work before coming to the office.  The most common dental work we come in contact with is gold teeth.  The best method for separately the gold from the actual tooth is to place the tooth in a Ziploc bag and smash it with a hammer.  Remove all broken bits of tooth and bring it into the office to get fast cash for your scrap gold dental work.  Our offices in Newport Beach in Orange County is safe and secure and we always provide free estimates with no commitment.