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Decorating with Ethnographic Art

Definition: “Any art or artifacts created by indigenous people the world over is defined as ethnographic art.

This includes art created by Native Americans, African tribes and   Oceanic islanders. The most common examples of ethnographic art are masks, paintings, textiles and carved sculptures, many of which are spiritual or religious in nature.”

Our collection of ethnographic art consists of jewelry, masks, statuary pieces, bowls and weapons from around the world. Mediums used may be metal, bone or wood. Each piece is unique. Ethnographic art is such a wonderful way to learn about different cultures. The Artist creating a unique piece conveys emotion, family history, tradition and tribal affiliation.

Many masks considered to be fearsome were really designed to be a protective force. Mimicking animalistic or spiritual features and qualities appropriate for a particular celebration or ceremony brings forth the energy of that particular animal or spirit.

Often these pieces tell a story!