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How To Get Your Hands on Rare Coins?

If you’re starting to collect numismatic rare coins for pleasure or for profit, here are a few tips that will help you get your hands on rare coins that will help you grow an impressive coin collection.

Where to Get Rare Coins?

Whether you’re an avid coin collector, or just starting out, there are a few places to source rare coins.  Some sources are more difficult than others, but they are all sources you must be active in on a regular basis.

Rare Coins at Estate Sales

If you have the time to stand in lines and attend estate sales, you may come across a rare coin to purchase.  This is a time-consuming process, but worth it if you have the time to invest.


There are many auctions that take place on a weekly basis throughout the country at physical locations or online.

Some auctions may not geographically make sense and will not allow off-site bidding, this can be a frustration.

Browsing online auctions will help you get your hands on a rare coin you might be interested in, but most collectors find it frustrating having to compete for the rare coin they’re after with hundreds of other people.

Browse and shop some rare coins with us.

Rare Numismatic Coin Dealers

With many places to choose from, there are hundreds of coin dealers throughout the country.  Don’t settle for just any coin dealer.  What makes our coin gallery the best source for your rare coin collecting is the fact that we deal with auction houses, estate sale companies, the public, and other collectors on a daily basis.

Our inventory is always changing.  We buy entire coin collections or single coins from individuals from all over the world.  Our Newport Beach location is home to avid collectors that buy, sell, or trade their coins on a regular basis.

As an Orange County coin dealer that operates by appointment only.  We use our numismatic experience to provide fair value whether you’re buying or selling gold coins, silver coins, or rare coins from all over the world.

We take the time with each customer to ensure their needs are met, and they are satisfied with the transaction.  Honesty, experience, and reputation has been the reason for our success and earned us the title of Orange County’s favorite coin dealer in Newport Beach.

Whether you’re an avid collector of rare coins or just starting out, reach out to us to schedule an appointment.