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Must-Have Coin Collecting Tools and Accessories

Coin collecting is a satisfying hobby that lets you explore the world of currency and build wealth at the same time. Few other hobbies have such a beneficial tandem. Yet without the proper tools and accessories, you risk damaging your collection. Before you start your exciting journey into the world of numismatics, make sure to have these tools and accessories to preserve your valuable coin collection.

Common Coin Collecting Tools & Accessories

Cotton Gloves or Tongs

Handling collectible coins with your bare hands is a quick way to tarnish your collection. The oils in your skin can damage the metal, increasing the chance of devaluating your currency. That’s why you should always use a pair of gloves or metal tongs. With these tools, you won’t have to worry about accidentally touching your coin collection. Remember that even with gloves or tongs, you should always hold the coin on the sides and never on the face.

Coin Folders, Coin Albums, and Coin Holders

When you want to showcase your coin collection or review your collection, nothing beats a coin folder or a coin album. A coin folder is ideal for beginners, as they’re inexpensive. However, you’ll only be able to view one side of the coin.

More advanced collectors may want to view both the back and front of the coin. If this describes you, opt for a coin album. Adorned with plastic sleeves, a coin album allows you to see both sides of the coin while keeping the currency free from harm.

If you have a more valuable set of coins, you may also want to invest in coin holders. These 2’x2’ cardboard holders have a hole cut in the middle and a mylar sleeve. Once you have the coin in place, simply fold the mylar over and staple it to the cardboard, leaving you with an airtight seal.

Magnifying Glass

The naked eye isn’t enough to determine the condition and value of coins. Even the slightest blemish can cause a coin’s value to plummet, so you’ll want a magnifying glass or magnifying tool to help you assess each piece of currency. Ideally, the tool should have 5 to 10 times magnification, although experts often state that a tool with 7 times magnification is the industry standard.

Reference Books

Every coin collector, regardless of experience, should invest in a reference book. With one of these books, you can determine the value of a coin you intend to buy, as well as hone in on the coins you want to add to your collection. The Official Red Book of United States Coins is the most popular choice for assessing the value of U.S. coins. But if you’re into coins from other countries, there’s undoubtedly a reference book that will work for you.

A Cloth or Pad

When you’re looking over your collection, always place a cloth or pad below your workspace. You can easily damage coins by dropping them on a hard surface, so a cloth or pad can act as a failsafe if you’re suddenly a bit clumsy.

Armed with these coin collecting tools and accessories, you can ensure the value and integrity of your coins and enjoy your hobby to the fullest.