Lucania, Thourioi


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Lucania, Thourioi

    • Athena: One of the most important Greek goddesses, worshipped in many cities as well as her own city of Athens, with functions that included was as well as commercial and artistic activities.
    • Skylla: A sea monster, said by Homer to have six hands and twelve feet, but represented by artists to have the upper part of a female body, and tail of a fish.
Lucania, Thourioi
Circa 350-300
Silver Tetradrachm (14.4 grams)
Obverse Description
Head of Athena right, wearing crested Athenian helmet ornamented with Skylla.
Reverse Description
Bull butting right, tunny fish below.
VF details, clipped planchet & field tooling on reverse.

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