Sassanian Empire – Khusru II


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AD 594-627 / Silver Drachm / Obverse: Bearded bust right wearing crown with two turrets and a pair of wings above topped by star in cresent. Double margins with star in cresents. / Reverse: Zoroastrian fire altar with two attendants standing on each side. Mint on right, date on left. Triple margin with a star in cresent. / In A.D. 614, the army of Khusru II conquered Jerusalem. This conquest created a sensation, for Jerusalem was Christianity’s most important city. It contained innumerable holy relics, including the true cross that it is believed, Jesus Christ died upon. The church that housed the true cross was burned to the ground but the true cross was fortunately saved! The King wanted to present it to his favorite wife, Sira, who was a devout Christian. After six years of bitter fighting against the Byzantine Empire, the Sasanians were finaly defeated and Khusru II was depsoed and murdered by one of his sons. The Byzantines then restored the Holy cross to Jerusalem.

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