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Recognizing Counterfeit Coins From China

It is not illegal to manufacture counterfeit coins in China. To our knowledge, nothing is being done to stop
the importing of these items to the United States. One reason for this is that these are not made to be convincing replicas. In other words, they are made so crudely that they are not meant to deceive.

They are typically sold in groups. When they are all displayed together they have a uniform look about them. They are all the same shiny, grey-white color, despite the fact that they are presumably more than 300 years old! They possess no precious metal content unlike the 90% silver genuine coins they replicate.

Read our page on counterfeit coins that we have had come through the Gallery. We’ve included some information about why they are not genuine.

UPDATED: We found some more information for Chinese Counterfeit coins. Read here.