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Selling Gold for Extra Cash in a Tough Economy in Orange County

Prompted by the high price of gold, many people like you in Orange County are digging broken and out-of-date gold jewelry and other shiny gold treasures out of their drawers and attempting to find a reputable place to sell their old gold jewelry in Orange County.

In this tough economy some are selling their gold to help cover their car or house payments because they are out of work or their hours have been cut.  Others are doing it because they know it’s a good time to part with old gold and get some extra cash for a vacation.  The reasons are varied but they are cashing in.

With gold running about $1,000 to $1,200 an ounce or more, you have nothing to lose. Everyone in Orange County is digging deep to find old forgotten gold jewelry and gold coins  –AND they are cashing in.  Now You can too!

Call London Coin Galleries of Orange County today or visit our store to get a free estimate of your old scrap gold jewelry.