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Why the Obsession with Antiquities and Ancient Artifacts

Why the Obsession with Antiquities and Ancient Artifacts?

Starting in the late 15th or early 16th century, people began the now-centuries-old obsession with collecting things from the past. The first archaeologists hailed from Europe, fueled by the Humanism movement and a newfound interest of knowing about past civilizations. Since then, collectors have gone to the depths of the ocean and unearthed ancient tombs. […]

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Foreign Coins You Need in Your Coin Collection

From the 1913 Liberty Head nickel to the $1 million penny minted in 1792, American coins have a value that’s unmatched by many other global currencies. However, the key to a solid, valuable coin collection is to diversify with a mix of American and foreign currencies. By combining the two types of coins, you can […]

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All About Coins! Where did Coins Originate?

Coins are one of the most interesting developments in human history. The successor to the barter system, which allowed people to exchange commodities and other goods in exchange for services, coins revolutionized the world economy. For over 2,500 years, this form of payment has become so common that few ask the question: Where did coins […]

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