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3 Awesome and Affordable Coins to get your Collection Started

Whether you are fascinated by currency or want to find a new hobby, coin collecting is an exciting world that doesn’t take much effort to get started. All you need is a little push to get yourself on the right foot. If you’re interested in starting a coin collection of your own on the cheap, here are some ideas to get you started.


1. Wheat Pennies

If you want to start your collection on the cheap, nothing beats wheat pennies. Produced from 1909 to 1958, these pennies feature Honest Abe on the obverse and two stalks of wheat on the reverse.

These pennies range in value from a few cents all the way up to six figures in some cases—a 1943-D Bronze Cent sold for $840,000. However, you can start your collection on these at a coin shop or even by sifting through change. You might just be surprised by what you find.


2. Kennedy Half Dollars

No one’s quite sure why the 50-cent piece didn’t catch on in the U.S., although some say its size was too bulky to fit in your pocket. However, that doesn’t stop the half-dollar from being a decent collectible for a beginner.

Starting in 1964, the U.S. Mint produced these half-dollars that have the head of JFK on the obverse and either an eagle or Independence Hall on the reverse depending on the year minted. If you can manage to snag some of the earlier editions, they’re made of up to 90% silver, making them even more valuable, but nothing’s wrong with one of the newer editions either—especially if you want to practice your coin-flipping skills.


3. New Coins from the U.S. Mint

Another awesome and affordable option to get your coin collection started begins right at the source: the U.S. Mint. Several times a year, the U.S. Mint releases various editions of coins, whether limited editions or new sets of quarters to commemorate the history of the country.

What makes this a buying opportunity is that you can often buy them directly from the U.S. Mint before they go into circulation. This gives you mint-condition coins that you can add to your collection at cost. Moreover, the value of these coins is still up in the air. You never know when you might just purchase the next rare coin.


Work With Reputable Coin Dealers

Like any other type of hobby, coin collecting has its fair share of people looking to rip you off—even if it’s the minority. Thankfully, you can avoid the chance of getting taken to the cleaners by working with reputable coin dealers.

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