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5 New Year’s Eve Money and Coin Traditions

Around the globe, different cultures have unique and interesting ways to celebrate the New Year. From singing to gift-giving, the celebration of another year’s passing isn’t confined to a single place on the planet. Among this diversity of New Year’s traditions are several cultures that use money and coins. Read on to learn more about these traditions, where they are, and the significance of currency in celebrations.


1. Lucky Money in Vietnam and China

Money and some coins play a vital part in New Year’s celebrations in both Vietnam and China—albeit during the lunar New Year and not on the Western calendar. During this time, families fill red envelopes with local currency and hand them out to children and family members. The money contained within is supposed to bring not only wealth but also health, intelligence—and most importantly—luck.


2. Windowsill Wealth in Europe

In several countries around Europe—but most notably in Scotland and Italy—a handful of coins supposedly brings you a year’s worth of good fortune. All you need to do is take the coins in your pocket and set them on the windowsill on New Year’s Eve.

No one is quite sure of the origin or reasoning behind this tradition, but if you leave the coins on the windowsill, you’ll have wealth in the coming year. Heck, with so little invested, it’s definitely worth a try, right?


3. Prosperity from Eastern Europe

According to folklore in some Slavic countries, you can enjoy a year of prosperity just from the change in your couch cushions. On New Year’s Day, fill the sink with change and wash your face with water from the coin-filled basin. This should bring you a year’s worth of prosperity, fortune, and good luck—all with a freshly cleaned face.


4. Fill Your Hands with Wealth in Romania

Romania has an interesting New Year’s tradition unlike anywhere else. Before the clock strikes midnight, put something in your hand that’s meaningful to you. Whatever you have in your hand will become an integral part of your life in the coming year. With that thought, putting a few bills or coins in your hand could prove the best move you make all year.


5. Get Down on Some Pickled Herring

Pickled herring is certainly an acquired taste for most people, but if downing a few of these fish means that you might get rich in the next year, it’s certainly worth a try.

According to traditions in Germany, Poland, and parts of Scandinavia, eating pickled herring as the clock strikes midnight will give you money in the coming year. The idea is that the herring is silver—just the same as the money that’s sure to come into your possession in the New Year!


Bring Fortune to Yourself

Superstitions are always a bit of a gamble, but if they pan out, more power to you. But if you want to take the reins in the New Year—at least with your own money, coins, and currency, make sure to contact us as your reputable coin and bullion dealer in Orange County.

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