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Although the world has moved from coins and bills to digital currency, legal tender was once a symbol of a nation. Through coins, nations could showcase their culture and history, all while combining artistry and practicality.

The unsung heroes behind coin design aren’t widely known. But their contributions to the world of currency and art make them intriguing historical figures. Here are some of the most well-known coin designers throughout history.

1. Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Arguably the most talented coin designer in American history, Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a noted sculptor hired by President Theodore Roosevelt to overhaul the design of gold coins in the USA.

Lauded for his sculptures depicting Civil War heroes and icons, Saint-Gaudens turned his skills to numismatics and created two of the most beautiful coins ever minted. Produced from 1907 to 1933, he designed the $20 American Double Eagle coin, as well as the $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle.

Today, both are prized for their artistry as much as their value, placing Saint-Gaudens in the pantheon of great coin designers.

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2. John Mercanti

Starting as an engraver and later serving as the 12th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint from 2006 to 2010, Mercanti is one of the newer additions to great coin designers, but every bit as influential. He even took home the honor of being named one of Coin World’s Most Influential People in Numismatics in 2020.

During his short tenure a the mint, Mercanti designed several beautiful coins, including:

  • State quarters for West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Arkansas, and North Carolina
  • 1984 Olympics $10 gold coin
  • 1991 Korean War Memorial silver dollar
  • 1989 Congress Bicentennial gold $5 coin
  • 2005 John Marshall commemorative $5 coin

He was so popular and praised during his stint as Chief Engraver, he was also commissioned to make Congressional Medals of Honor, securing his status as a master sculptor, engraver, and coin/medal designer.

3. Joaquim Jimenez

Born and raised in Spain, Joaquim Jimenez isn’t all that well-known in the United States, but his coins have worldwide appeal. Over the course of his career, Jimenez has designed coins for Spain, Andorra, and Panama.

What separates his coins from other designers is the commitment to historical and cultural motifs of the country, as well as intricate details rarely found in high-circulation coins.

To no one’s surprise, Jimenez was awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in Coin Design in February 2019 at the Coin of the Year Awards in Berlin.

Find the Right Coin for Your Collection

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