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When you think of coins, the idea probably doesn’t conjure images of ghosts, goblins, and specters. However, many coins around the world are shrouded in mystery, containing mystical figures and strange symbols. If you want to add to your coin collection with otherworldly coins — this Halloween, or if you’re interested in the occult, check out a few of these spooky options.

1. The Damned Denarii

Minted by the ancient Romans in the 1st century AD, the Damned Denarii are rare coins said to have been cursed by the Jews during the Jewish revolt from 66 to 70 AD. Over time, collectors and historians have deemed the coins as a curse, marking the beginning of the fall of the Roman empire.

2. 1937 Battle of Antietam Half Dollar

The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest conflict in the American Civil War, resulting in 23,000 casualties and deaths between Confederate and Union forces in a single day. In 1937, the U.S. Mint struck a coin to commemorate the battle and honor the fallen, but the coin has more than meets the eye.

The reverse side of the coin features Burnside’s Bridge, located in Sharpsburg, Maryland, which is said to be the most haunted Civil War site. Today, thrillseekers and paranormal psychologists often visit the bridge to see chilling images of unrestful ghosts. While the coin itself may not bring misfortune, it’s certainly an interesting choice for a coin’s chosen landmark.

3. 17th Century French Jeton

In the late 17th century, the French minted coins supposedly used to teach people how to count currency. What makes the French jeton haunting is that the reverse side features what appears to be a UFO flying over trees.

With little documentation on these coins, no one’s quite sure if it’s actually a UFO or something far less haunting. Either way, a UFO coin is a collectible you’ll want to add to your list.

4. The Dracula Coin

Vlad the Impaler — often known as Dracula for his bloodlust and obsession with impaling the bodies of his enemies on posts — was a sinister force in 15th-century Romania. Just a few decades after his death, Romania decided to commemorate his rule with coins — leading to what’s now known as the Dracula coin.

Few of these coins are left, fetching prices as high as $4,000 at auction. However, Romania released a limited set of new Dracula coins in 2011, allowing you to add this bloodthirsty ruler’s money to your collection.

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