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5 Reasons to Love Coin Collecting

The societal view toward coin collecting isn’t one of glamour or prestige. In most cases, it has a general sense of nerdiness to it. But just like stamp collecting or action figure collecting, it’s a profitable enterprise that can help you shed the stigma of loving everything about currency. If you’ve thought about entering the world of coin collecting, here are some reasons you’re going to love it moving forward.

1. Building Wealth

Perhaps the foremost reason why you should love coin collecting is because it builds wealth. Few other hobbies allow you to make substantial amounts of money while doing something you enjoy. Whether you collect rare coins or you’re just starting your collection, everything has intrinsic value that increases your personal net worth.

2. The Pursuit

As the old adage goes, nothing in the world is worth doing unless it requires a bit of effort. This might just be the perfect saying for coin collecting. But it’s more than just putting in some extra effort. It’s the thrill of the pursuit.

An endless budget can help you find that perfect coin to add to your collection. But if you don’t have unlimited funds, discovering a steal of a deal on a coin always keeps you going and engaged. If you like a little bit of a challenge, coin collecting is something you will love almost instantaneously.

3. The Legacy

If you’re planning on having a family or you already have a few kids, you may wonder what your legacy to them might be. While some people are content with passing on their genetics and name, you may want something more.

While coins may not seem like they’re part of a legacy, anything you pass down with both monetary and sentimental value adds to your legacy long after you’re gone. You’re passing down memories, a down payment on a house, or a college education. Few other gifts or inheritances have such a far-reaching effect on your loved ones.

4. Relaxation

Some people love to go to the beach. Others like to run 10 miles. But for others, collecting coins is your tranquil space. Between sorting, buying, selling, and trying to find that perfect deal, you’re in a zone where nothing can touch you. The outside world may be bringing you down, but when you’re collecting, you feel at peace.

5. Quenching Your Thirst for Knowledge

Curiosity is the underlying force that allows you to gain as much knowledge as you see fit. And with the advent of the internet, you can learn just about anything. But coins provide a layered approach to education. You learn about the coins themselves, metals, world leaders, and history, all by picking up one coin. Think of it as a little metal encyclopedia. All you have to do is dig a little deeper.

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