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Celebrate National Coin Week 2022 This April

Whether you’re an avid coin collector or you’re just beginning your collection, April is one time of year to get excited about. Each April, enthusiasts get together around the country to celebrate National Coin Week, and in 2022, it falls between April 17 and April 23. So, if you’re a numismatist by trade or passion, here are a few ways to get exciting about National Coin Week this year.

What Is National Coin Week and Who Puts It On?

You might be wondering what National Coin Week actually is. It all sta rted in 1924 when American Numismatic Association (ANA) Governor Julius Guttag suggested the event “to attract the general public to our hobby and consequently increase our membership, and aid in our science.”

While the event has been around in some form since that time, it wasn’t until 1983 when President Reagan officially designated the third week of April as National Coin Week. Since that time, the ANA and local chapters of coin enthusiasts have celebrated the week as a way to connect with dealers and collectors, as well as learn more about coins, their history, and their design.

This Year’s Theme

The theme of each National Coin Week changes annually, but 2022’s is bound to pique your interest. This year, the theme is “Dynamic Designs and Artistic Masterpieces”. So rather than discuss the value of coins or other ideas, most of the discussion centers around the artisans and creators of currencies.

Activities will focus primarily on coins, but also on paper money and the people throughout history who have used their artistic vision to turn money into proper works of art.

How You Can Participate in National Coin Week 2022

If you want to participate in National Coin Week, hop online and do a Google search, or use the ANA’s official club directory, located here. The ANA has more than 300 chapters from coast to coast, so you’re likely to find a chapter right in your own backyard.

Most ANA clubs officially celebrate National Coin Week, and the ANA furnishes them with a number of materials for the event. This year’s materials for members or prospective members are:

  • Daily trivia (if you get all of the questions right, you’re entered into a contest to win a 2022 0.1-ounce American Eagle proof coin).
  • National Coin Week buttons, bookmarks, and other memorabilia
  • Educational materials
  • Scholarship essay opportunities for those 17 and under
  • Design your own coin competition

And if you can’t find a local ANA chapter, you can follow along on social media by using the #NationalCoinWeek and #GreatAmericanCoinHunt hashtags.

How National Coin Week Can Jump-Start Your Collection

You may never have celebrated National Coin Week in the past, but everyone remembers the first time they enjoyed it with their fellow coin collectors. The idea here is all about learning. The more you can learn from others, the better your collecting skills become. But if there’s one thing almost all collectors agree upon, it’s always getting the best price for your coins.

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