London Coin Galleries


London Coin Galleries

Newport Beach

Greetings and welcome to London Coin Galleries located in Newport Beach, California. Opened in 1990 we offer an eclectic inventory including rare coins, precious metals, currency, ethnographic artifacts, fossils, minerals, and antiquities.

1893-CC Morgan Dollar



Virtual Visit

Take a virtual walk through the gallery via Matterport imagery. Our experience extends beyond numismatics to include antiquities, ethnographic artifacts, fossils, minerals and meteorites. View the gallery in person on Monday’s and Fridays.

Antiquities are objects made or fashioned by man in ancient times. They take the form of weapons, jewelry, textiles, money, and utilitarian objects.

Of the thousands of world cultures, artifacts unique to each civilization exist by the hundreds of thousands.

Mother Nature is an unrivaled artist! Esthetically beautiful, fossils and minerals make great decorator items.

Colonial Currency of the 1700’s, Confederate and Fractional Currency of the 1860’s, United States Notes, Silver Certificates, Gold Certificates, National Currency and Federal Reserve Notes are among the currency LCGON inventories.

For centuries shipwrecks and the historical artifacts they entomb have been lying on the ocean floor awaiting discovery. Dreams of finding sunken treasure have fueled the hunt for decades, but only in the last 20 years has technology made deep sea recovery economically feasible

Coin Dealer in Orange County By Appointment

Most folks find the evaluation and liquidation of inherited coins a daunting task. We will host you in one of two private and secure rooms for this process. We sort your items in a comprehensive manner, heading each category in layman’s terms so if you are not yet ready to sell you will now have a thorough understanding of what you have and what its value is. There is no charge for this service, nor is there an obligation to do business with us. The service is tendered by appointment to provide a secure one on one experience.

Estate Liquidation Services

As your trusted coin dealer in Orange County for over 40 years, we pay top dollar for your coins. If you’ve inherited a few coins or an entire rare coin collection, currency, or precious metal items schedule an appointment for a free evaluation. We make the process of selling your coin collection painless, and efficient due to our many years of experience and knowledge encompassing all types of numismatics.

We look forward to serving you. Contact us to book an appointment today.